With the hectic schedule of everyday life having a toll on us, we all need a day off to relax and cool off at the beach with our family and friends. But, when we make a plan to spend a day at the beach, we have to take a lot of luggage with us, such as beach umbrellas, folding chairs, drinks, coolers, beach balls, etc.

Hauling all these goods to the beach can be extremely tiring and may even ruin our plans of a day of complete relaxation. So, to make our trip to the beach comfortable and spare us extra trouble, we need the best beach cart to carry all the baggage.

Beach carts usually don’t cost a fortune, but there is a wide variety of products out there in the market ranging from high end to low-end products. The products may also vary in their features such as load capacity, size of wheel, durability, and availability of accessories such as cup holders and coolers.

So, finding the best beach cart that meets all your requirements is not an easy task. We have made a detailed review of the top-rated beach carts to help you make the right choice.

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Best Beach cart vs Best Beach wagon

There are two types of beach carts available in the market. Beach carts are smaller in size compared to beach wagons, and they also differ in their construction. Beach wagons can carry kids while beach carts usually cannot carry kids. Beach carts have a vertical structure and have two wheels with a tall handle. Beach carts can carry less load compared to beach wagons, and their wheels are also smaller.

Beach wagons can carry more luggage compared to beach carts and have sturdier horizontal construction. Wagons also have better quality wheels compared to the plastic ones of beach carts and can move well in different terrains. But beach cart is also a good option if you don’t carry a tremendous amount of baggage but need decent performance.

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Benefits of buying best beach cart

Makes transporting luggage easy

When you plan to spend a day at the beach with family and friends, you need to take a lot of baggage with you. Hauling all these goods can be extremely tiresome work. A beach cart can easily carry from 100 lb to 200 lb luggage, and it is effortless to maneuver through sand or paved roads. So you can haul your luggage to your destination without much trouble. Low-end beach carts have lower baggage space, while high-end is very spacious and versatile.

Can be carried away easily

Beach carts can easily be folded and carried everywhere with ease. Beach carts have an ergonomic design, and you can easily fold it to fit into the back of your vehicle or stored in a garage. Folding mechanism is also very simple and can be set up or folded back within seconds.

Great versatility

Beach carts aren’t used only to carry luggage or children, but they also have many other utilities. A good beach cart will have various accessories on it, such as mesh cup holders to keep your drink safe while moving, a cooler to keep your drinks fresh, also many mesh pockets to keep your belongings such as cell phones safe. Some beach carts can also be folded into a table and used in other ways.

Excellent longevity

Beach carts might be lightweight and compact, but they have an excellent construction allowing them to last for years. Beach carts usually have steel or aluminum frames. They can easily carry loads ranging from 75 to 250 pounds depending on their luggage capacity and are not easily damaged. Aluminum or plastic frames are used in lightweight beach carts, while heavy-duty beach carts have durable tubular steel frames


Here is our complete review of the best beach cart

1. Rio Beach Wonder Wheeler Wide Beach Cart

collapsible beach cart


Rio Beach Wonder Wheeler Wide Beach Cart is an excellent beach cart. Many consumers say it is the best beach cart in the market. This cart has a spacious interior with a storage space of 15-cubic feet. It is quite large compared to other beach carts of its category. As a result, this cart can easily store up to 100 lbs of baggage, including beach umbrellas, folding chairs, beach toys, drinks, etc.

Although this beach cart can carry a lot of loads, it can be maneuvered very smoothly across any type of terrain. This is thanks to its wide all-terrain back wheels and articulating front wheels, which allows it to move smoothly through paved roads. But it also runs quite well through sand thanks to its large wheels. The beach cart also comes with an extended stroller-style handle by which even a small child can move the cart quickly. As a result, this is one of the most maneuverable beach carts available in the market.

This beach cart is also extremely portable as it can be folded in an instant and carried in the back of your vehicle. This cart is one of the most versatile carts out there in the market. There is an extended frame at the front of the cart that can carry up to four beach umbrellas and chairs. There is space at the bottom of the cart, where a 48-quart cooler can be attached to keep your drinks fresh, which is why consumers rated it as the best-motorized beach cart. There is a mesh pocket at the back of the wagon where you can keep your cell phones, wallets, glasses, and other belongings safely.  Besides, this beach cart has a deluxe removable tote bag and side umbrella holder, which makes this cart even more versatile and luxurious. READ MORE >>


  • Spacious and has a decent load capacity
  • Great portability
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Has excellent features such as a 48-quart cooler
  • Sturdy build
  • The seams may fall apart after regular use.

2. YSC Wagon Garden Folding Utility Shopping Cart

cheap beach cart


This is an excellent beach cart that comes at an unbelievable price range. This beach wagon weighs only 10 lbs, and you can fold it within seconds. Despite its compact size and lightweight, this beach cart can pull about 150 pounds of luggage without any problem. So, you can quickly move your beach baggage or grocery on this beach wagon without breaking a sweat. You can easily fold this cart and stow it in the back of your car or in your garage, making it the most foldable beach cart.

This beach cart is one of the most durable carts out there and has a high-quality steel frame construction, which allows it to last for years. Its body is covered by 600 D Polyester fabrics, which is exceptionally durable and can be maintained very easily. Thanks to its extremely lightweight design, this cart can be easily used by children, sick people, and the elderly to move their goods.

This beach cart performs best on reliable paved roads for going to parks or grocery shops. But it also performs decently while moving through sandy beaches because of its all-terrain wheels. This cart also comes with two mesh cup holders and other accessories making it really versatile. To sum up, this is the best cheap beach cart which can perform on all terrains. READ MORE >>


  • Great durability
  • Easy to set up and fold
  • Very easy to use
  • Performs well on all terrains
  • Excellent value
  • Not the best performer on beaches

3. Mac Sports Heavy Duty Collapsible Folding All Terrain Utility Wagon Beach Cart

folding beach cart


If you are looking for a beach cart that can easily carry a lot of luggage and can travel smoothly through any terrain, then this cart is perfect for you. This is an excellent beach cart with a big spacious interior measuring 36.2 x 21.4 x 9.64 inches. As a result, it can carry loads up to 150 lbs, which means you can easily carry folding chairs, umbrellas, beach toys, or even groceries, among other things without much trouble. Despite its large size, you can fold this beach cart to a 10-inch compact size for storing efficiently into the back of your car or in your garage.

One of the best features of this beach cart is its large articulate all-terrain wheels, which performs well on all terrains, and it is particularly impressive on sandy beaches. A person of any age can effortlessly maneuver this beach cart thanks to its adjustable telescopic handle. This beach cart weighs only 22.5 lbs, but it has an excellent sturdy frame, which allows it to carry heavy loads for years without trouble.  It is covered by 600D UV Fabric, which has fantastic durability and is very easy to maintain, making it one of the most durable carts in the market.

This cart also has two mesh cup holders to keep your drinks from spilling as you stroll around the park or beach. This beach cart is excellent for carrying your luggage to any place, but it is not designed to bring children as there are no cushions to sit. If you want a fantastic collapsible beach cart for transporting your luggage to parks, beaches, grocery shops, and any other kind of terrain, then this cart is perfect for you. READ MORE >>


  • Good storage capacity
  • Great wheels make it suitable to move through any terrain
  • Excellent durability
  • Easy to use and store
  • Spacious storage capacity but not adequate to carry children

4. Super Ultimate Ultra Wide Wheel Wonder Wheeler Beach Cart

best beach cart for sand


This is another excellent compact Wonder Wheeler Beach Cart. This ergonomically designed cart has a dimension of 39.5 H x 16 W x 28.8 D inches and weighs on 12.8 lbs making it easily portable. Despite its compact size, this beach cart has an impressive storage capacity of 77 lbs, and it also a forward hanging bar of 16.5-inches, which can easily hold up to four chairs. You can easily carry most of your beach accessories or shopping goods on this cart without any hassle.

This beach cart features 10-inch ultra-wide rear wheels, which allows you to guide this cart through sandy beaches easily provided you pull the cart instead of pushing it.  This beach cart also moves smoothly through paved roads so you can quickly go to parks or do grocery shopping with it. It also comes with a neoprene handle, which makes it easy to use by people of all ages. You can fold this beach cart flatly within seconds for secure storage in the back of your vehicle or your garage. It comes fully assembled from the market, and you just have to add snap to the wheels.

This beach cart has a sturdy steel frame construction, and it is covered by the polyester fabric, which is durable and is easy to maintain. This cart is exceptionally versatile with accessories such as a 48-quart cooler to keep your drinks cold while you chill at the beach and a removable tote bag which you can strap on your shoulders to carry extra stuff. So if you are looking for the best beach cart to take all your beach equipment and move smoothly through sand, then this is a fantastic option. READ MORE >>


  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Excellent ultra-wide rear wheels for smooth performance on the beach
  • Folds flat for secure storage
  • Large cooler 
  • Low storage capacity compared to other beach carts

5. RED CAMP Collapsible Wagon Cart, 1200D Removable Canvas & Brake Wheel, Folding Utility Wagon

heavy duty beach cart


This is a fantastic collapsible beach cart from Red Camp brand, which is known for making some of the most durable carts in the business. This beach cart is designed for heavy-duty and weighs about 22.5 lbs. The essential quality of this cart is its superior durability. This cart has a sturdy steel frame construction and is made of 1200D oxford polyester canvas, which is exceptionally durable and robust. You can easily use this beach wagon for years without having to worry about it tearing. 

Although this is quite a large beach cart, you can fold it in an instant, and its folding thickness is only 4 inches making storage super easy.  This cart has a telescoping handle that can be moved to any angle, which makes the cart very easy to maneuver. The beach cart also features directional rubber wheels and the rear-wheel braking mechanism by which it can perform smoothly on all terrain. You can push or pull this cart depending on your preference and ease of use.

When you spend a long day at the beach or go for a picnic, you need to take a lot of drinks with you. So this beach wagon features a 15 Litre cooler bag to keep your drinks fresh. In addition, Red Camp company has given a 365-day guarantee offer because of their confidence in their product. So, this beach cart will be a great choice if you want a quality beach cart within an affordable price. READ MORE >>


  • Amazing durability
  • Very easy to fold and store
  • Good maneuverability
  • Impressive load capacity
  • It is a bit heavy making usage difficult for children and sick people

6. Beach Cart with Folding Table/Drink Holders- Grey Frame/Black Table

foldable beach cart


This is one of the most modern and versatile beach carts in the market by the Beach Mall company. This cart has a durable powder-coated steel frame, which prevents it from rusting and can be used for years without a worry. This ergonomically designed cart is very lightweight, weighing only 13.2 pounds, and you can fold it almost flat by removing its detachable wheels. This makes the cart really portable and very easy to store.

Although this cart has a compact design, it has a decent storage capacity of 75 lbs. This versatile beach cart has plenty of space to carry four beach chairs, umbrella, beach toys, drinks, etc. without any problems. You can easily take this cart to beaches, parks, shopping stores as it has high-quality wheels, and it is effortless to maneuver.

However, the most fantastic aspect of this beach cart is that it can be folded into a full-blown table. The table is made of good quality wood fiber, and you can keep your food or other belongings on the table to keep it safe from the sand. This feature makes this folding beach cart one of the most useful products in the market for outdoor activities. READ MORE >>


  • Amazing versatility and utility
  • Sturdy construction
  • Impressive storage capacity
  • Folds almost flat
  • Price is quite high

7. Mac Sports Heavy Duty Collapsible Folding All Terrain Utility Beach Wagon Cart, Blue/White

beach carts near me


This beach cart from Mac Sports is designed for heavy-duty usage and smooth performance on rough terrains. This model has a spacious interior and can effortlessly carry up to 150 lbs of goods. Such extensive storage provides enough space to all your beach belongings or grocery or other stuff in one go without having to carry anything on your hand. This cart comes fully assembled in the box, and you can set it up instantly. This compact designed beach cart can be folded to only 9.7 inches thick and is very convenient for storing. It also comes with a carry case that allows you to carry it anywhere easily.

This beach wagon has a durable steel frame, and the 600D Polyester Fabric is super durable and convenient to wash. The 600D fabric is also UV and mildew resistance, and you can use this cart for years without any problem. The extra-large all-terrain wheels allow it to move through sandy beaches effortlessly, making it the best beach cart for sand. You can easily carry tons of beach equipment and drinks on this cart through sand without any hassle.

This cart has an adjustable handle, which allows you to maneuver the cart smoothly. However, some have complained that the cart becomes a bit too heavy when it carries a lot of goods. There are two mesh cup holders on this cart that allow you to stroll around without worrying about spilling your drink. So if you regularly go to beaches or other places and need to carry a heavy load, then this is the best beach cart for you. READ MORE >>


  • Excellent storage
  • Amazing durability
  • Easy to maneuver on beaches
  • Easy to set up and fold
  • Heavyweight causes difficulty for children and women
  • Not designed to carry kids

8. Challenger Mobility Folding Beach Cart Large Balloon Tires Challenger J2020 Sand and Beach Trolley

electric beach cart


If you need a beach cart to carry tons of goods and still have the best mobility, then this beach cart is the best option for you. This beach cart has a massive storage space of 165 lbs, which will allow you to take all your beach essentials and drinks, while still having extra space. Despite having such a spacious interior, this cart weighs only 18 pounds allowing convenient usage. 

This beach cart has a robust tubular steel frame, and it is covered by epoxy coating, giving it extreme durability and a sleek finish. One of the outstanding features of this cart is its large 11.8 x 7 inches inflatable wheels. These balloon inflated wheels give it the best mobility on sandy beaches, muddy roads, and other terrains. You can easily store this cart by detaching its wheels.

You can maneuver this cart easily thanks to its adjustable telescopic, which you can move at any angle and extend up to 49 Inches. You can fit a cooler at the bottom of the storage to keep your drinks, and there is an air pump included for the wheels. You can strap additional items to this cart if there is not enough room in the storage. To sum up, this is the best beach cart for sand and is worth every buck you spend. READ MORE >>


  • Impressive storage capacity
  • Excellent sturdy construction and attractive design
  • Large inflatable wheels providing incredible mobility
  • Can be folded easily by detaching wheels
  • Balloon wheels need to be inflated regularly to perform

9. Wheeleez Heavy-Duty Beach Cart

heavy duty beach cart


This is the most popular and multi-purpose beach cart available in the market. It has a simple wheelbarrow like design, and it also performs more like a wheelbarrow than a beach cart. This rolling beach cart has a whopping 220 lbs of storage capacity, and you can carry almost everything you need for a beach day on this cart with storage to spare. Despite its terrific load capacity, it weighs only 29 lbs and has a strong simple by which even kids can maneuver the cart.

This beach cart is built like a tank with a marine-grade anodized aluminum and steel frame providing maximum durability. The tub of this cart is made of high-quality polyethylene, which will allow using the cart for years without a glitch. It also has a detachable tote bag to carry essential items such as phones, sunglasses, beach clothes, etc. for further convenience.

This beach cart has massive 16.5×7.9 inches wide balloon inflatable wheels, which ensure easy mobility on all terrain, including sandy beaches, paved roads, muddy fields, etc. You can use this cart not only for hauling your beach essentials along sand smoothly but also for grocery, gardening, and other works. Therefore, if you need the best multi-purpose and durable heavy-duty beach cart, then you should go for this product. READ MORE >>


  • Awesome 220 lb storage capacity
  • One of the most durable products in the market
  • Extra-large balloon wheels for smooth mobility on all terrains
  • Multi-purpose utility
  • Very expensive
  • Heavyweight causes difficulty of use for women and children

10. Rio Beach Brands Deluxe Ultra Wonder Wheeler

motorized beach cart


This is another excellent lightweight beach cart from the Wonder Wheeler Series. This ergonomically designed beach cart has a sturdy steel frame and a large, durable mesh pouch that can store a large number of goods. The mesh storage space is robust and can be used for years without any tear or damage. It is a lightweight cart weighing only 17 lbs, and you can fold it within seconds for secure storage and portability.

This cart can transport a surprising amount of goods thanks to its 100 lb load capacity, and you can haul all your beach essentials such as beach tables, umbrellas, drinks, kids’ toys, etc. on this cart without any hassle. The extended frame of this cart can hold up to 6 chairs, and there is also a side umbrella holder. Besides, there is a utility tray with cup holders where you can keep your drinks, phones, and other essentials safe.

This beach cart comes with large pneumatic rear wheels and swiveling front wheels by which it can smoothly maneuver through any terrain. The pneumatic wheels are especially handy in case of sandy beaches where it can move smoothly even if the cart is fully loaded. You can keep your drinks fresh with a 48-quart cooler, which you can attach at the bottom of the storage. So, if you want a fantastic electric beach cart with tons of storage and features, this cart is perfect for you. READ MORE >>


  • Excellent storage
  • Lots of accessories making it versatile
  • Pneumatic wheels provide superior mobility on sand
  • Easy to assemble and fold
  • Poor quality front swiveling wheels
  • Odd position of cooler bag

Guidelines for choosing the best beach cart

Before buying a beach cart, you must know these essential features to make the right choice:

  1.   Body frame

The body frame of the beach cart is an important feature which you must notice before buying. There are different types of beach carts out there, and most of them have tubular steel frames for excellent durability. Some beach carts also have an aluminum body to keep it lightweight while being very tough. If the beach cart has an extremely heavyset body, then it will be tough for many people to move. So, it is better to buy a durable and lightweight beach cart for the best performance. 

  1.   Storage capacity

If you want to spend a whole day at the beach or go to a picnic, you have to take a lot of materials with you.  So, the beach cart must have a functional storage capacity to allow you to transport all goods without any hassle. The amount of storage capacity you want depends on your needs and preferences. So, you can choose between a compact or a bigger beach cart according to your needs.

  1.   Wheels

Wheels are the essential factor when buying a beach cart, as wheels will determine the mobility of beach carts. So you need the best quality wheels to ensure smooth performance on soft sand, paved road, muddy areas, and so on. Most beach carts have inflatable rubber wheels as they are suitable for all-terrains. Some use plastic wheels, but they are not as durable as the rubber wheels.

  1.   Accessories

The beach carts should have various accessories to ensure the best utility. There should be extra pockets and utility trays to keep your cell phones, sunglasses, wallets, and other essential things safe. You need a good cooler to keep your drinks nice and fresh on a long day outdoors. Besides, some beach carts can be converted tables providing extra benefits and versatility.

  1.   Maintenance

The beach cart should be made of high-quality fabric, which is durable and easy to wash. Because, when you spend a day at the beach, the cart is going to get dirty and so it should be easy to clean and maintain.

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  1.   Which is the type of wheel is best for soft sand?

A:  The performance of beach carts on soft sand depends on the quality of their wheels. Usually, giant balloon inflated rubber wheels move quickly through sand and do not plow or sink in the sand. Other types of wheels, such as plastic wheels, can also do the job but are not that smooth.

  1.   Are the beach carts suitable for carrying children?

A: Most beach carts are not designed to carry children and do not have cushions or safety measures. Some beach carts claim they can bring children. So I would urge you to take the utmost precaution before carrying children to avoid any accident.

  1.   Which is the best frame for a beach cart?

A: Most of the beach carts have tubular steel and aluminum frames, which are incredibly durable and can do heavy-duty works. Some beach carts have plastic frames that are not that durable. So get a cart with a steel or aluminum frame.

  1.   Where can I buy beach carts near me?

A: There are plenty of beach cart outlets near your location if you want to buy or rent it. You can go to Walmart, Bron’s Beach Carts, Beach carts USA, East Coast Beach Carts, and other outlets near you to get a beach cart.

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Spending a day at the beach with family and friends can be a very relaxing and enjoyable experience. This type of leisure can help us recover from a stressful week at the office or business. However, it is difficult to haul a lot of items such as beach chairs, umbrellas, beach toys, dinks, etc. along the beaches and might wear you out before you can even relax.

So, you need the best beach cart to help you carry your load easily and enjoy your day off. But as there are wide varieties of beach carts from different brands having diverse functions and qualities, it is challenging to make the perfect choice. To simplify your work and save your time from doing lengthy researches on this topic, we have created a detailed review of the top-rated beach carts. So do more and think less and make the right choice.